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A series of intimate workshop sessions held between artform leaders and the instigating artist yielded a suite of intense and closely collaborative collages.

Five multi-author artworks have been machine-woven into dense cotton tapestries, each 125cm wide by 140cm deep.

Each work expands upon the themes of CREATION through the lens of the artform leader’s field and focus.




Through a series of workshops produced by Eleni Christou at the Museum of Contemporary Art, eight thematic banners were created to expand upon the Holy Orders of CREATION.


Led by Kasi Albert with assistance from Lucy Latella and Katie B Plummer, the group worked intensively over four extended sessions to design and implement a suite of ornate new textile artworks constructed entirely of biodegradable second hand haberdashery. While the group devised design and implementation, Shahmen Suku read inspirational texts aloud. We listened to SJ Norman’s Liturgy of the Saprophyte, and essays by Tyson Yunkaporta, Michelle Westerlaken, Ross Gibson and Scott Ludlum.


The banners’ public debut was in the dance event marking Winter Solstice 2021, and will form part of CREATION processions and exhibitions into the future.


C         Serpent            Amanda Holt and Lindsay Kelley

R         Rat                   Sharon Williams and David Kavanagh

E          Vulture             Kasi Albert and Lucy Latella

A          Fungus            Brigitte Anttilla and Linda Baranov

T          Spider              Helen Duckworth and Eddie Bosnich

I           Infinity              Kathryn Bird with Alice Crawford

O         Moon               Tessa Zettell and Jonathan Nolan

N         Bacteria           Thunder Love and Eliza Amery


A series of flying silken images, learning from the Liturgy, unfurling the future.

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