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Eight writers from across Australia responded to The Liturgy of the Saprophyte.

– Evelyn Araluen
– Virginia Barratt
– Brian Fuata
– Amrita Hepi
– Lex Lindsay
– Heather Grace Jones
– Ellen Van Neerven
– Jinghua Quan


Brian Fuata made a dynamic chant in response to SJ Norman’s text, and brought it to life in a riveting performance accompanied by Zaya Barroso and Kit Spencer with percussionist James Tawadros. This subtitled performance forms an instructional video sharing Brian's ecstatic, urgent ululations — Learn The Call Upon The Bright Ones below.

Composer Lex Lindsay is writing music for the poems to render them singable. Two karaoke videos (to date) are ready to teach the first CREATION songs.


The CREATION project was blessed by the voices of Eugene Choi, Kit Spencer, Harriet Gillies, Alison Williams, Liza-Mare Syron and Zaya Barroso, featured in the instructional karaoke videos below.

As CREATION travels, local choirs will convene to arrange and perform the five unrecorded poems as exultant group voice-raising encounters, workshops and performances. Subject to resource availability, further karaoke videos may be produced to document and disseminate distinct communities’ contribution to the musical soul of CREATION.



Jinghua Qian's Orison Voluptatem
Lex Lindsay's Orison Tempestas
Brian fuata's call upon the bright ones
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