MCA Australia

26 March - 22 August 2021


news will be updated as it becomes available


Liveworks Festival, Carriageworks | October 2020

The National, MCA Australia | 26 March - 22 August 2021

Antidote Festival, Sydney Opera House | September 2021

The Lockup Gallery, Newcastle | October 2021

Lismore Regional Gallery | November 2021

Griffith University Art Museum | forthcoming 2022



Official The National Site

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'The art exhibition where you can join a new religion,' Australian Financial Review, Apr 2021

'Divine Intervention,' Vogue Australia, Jun 2021

'Australian art that doesn’t beat about the bush,' Apollo Magazine, Jun 2021

'Deborah Kelly CREATION: Sustenance Workshop,' Artlink, Dec 2019 | also via Informit


CREATION exists to enchant powers of collective creativity and cooperative decision-making.

The flexible, dynamic workshop model employed to devise the elements of CREATION have involved strangers and friends, built contingent communities and surprised all participants with their aggregate brilliance.

The CREATION project centres marginalised voices in all its aspects, making workshops accessible and enjoyable as a practice of communal commitment to shared labours and public pleasures.

Planned workshops to date include song arrangement, reading groups, gardening, sacramental food preparation, devising a procession, making new rituals, and the development of CREATION’s prayers and precepts.